THE #FURBY ORGAN! tooooo many hours were spent on this project
Needless to say! building things like this isnt cheap! but thanks to my amazing patreon supporters who are funding machines like this!
Have a think about popping a dollar on a pledge some day! it will help to make some truly dodgy machines! :-

Check the previous build log video here :-

CHECK OUT NERVOUS SQUIRRELS AMAZING FURBY GURDY, the initial influence of this machine!

im still looking for furby donations for upcoming projects! i will credit you and stuff in return :D please dont let them go to waste! send them in :D
The address is :-

Big Life, 67 – 69 Chalton Street,

more info to come on my patreon! there is a zine on the concept and design of the furby organ up there now though!
Patreon :-
Facebook :-
Website :-
Instagram :-

Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

ETH Donations always welcome, here :- 0xD765bf71f5c10F91d704D792De4b21712B132f23

Other donation options right here! thanks :D :-

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