Or: "Tom's Cockup Trip".

This is a story about a television title sequence, and about me, as a child, watching it. It’s also a warning about how YouTube won’t last forever, and it's the reason I'm climbing one particular hill in the Lake District. Merry Christmas, Denis Norden.

DoP: Simon Handley from Skylark Aerial Photography https://www.skylark-aerialphotography.co.uk/
Music: Benjamin Squires https://www.benjaminsquires.co.uk/
Animation: Matt Ley https://www.mattleywow.com/

Thanks to John Hoare and the Lake District National Park Authority

Filmed safely: https://www.tomscott.com/safe/

I'm at https://tomscott.com
on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tomscott
on Facebook at https://facebook.com/tomscott
and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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