school is fer nerdds

p.s. i bought a microphone for the next video cuz iphone audio isnt the best??

-credit to theodd1sout outro. sorry it's just a perfect outro

Blood Drive

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Sportz (ft. JaidenAnimations)

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My First Job

James's video about working at Subway (sooubway?) inspired me to talk about my first job in retail. Hope you enjoy! ● Follow me here: https://twitter...

Cheating in School (Ft. TheOdd1sOut)

If you need some tips on how to cheat in middle or high school, look no further! Watch about how I was cheating in school~ Thanks to my good mate Jam...

Things that Freak Me Out

we're all scared of dumb things okay? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE for more animati...

Being a Boba Barista (Work Stories)

Get it? “B”eing a “B”oba “B”arista “b”y “B”illy “B”ut “B”etter? hahaHaHAhaHaHa. (not funny). Anyways, leave a comment telling me how your first couple...