"This is the story of how I moved out the woods and built a house."

This documentary feature covering the entire construction process (so far) is happening today because Nick has been out of town and so no projects happened this week! I spent hours and hours on it, and it's for my scrapbook, but it's okay with me if you all enjoy it too. :)

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Love from the little house,


For all those who enjoyed our Wednesday night updates last year, I think we're back on track. We'll tell you what projects we've accomplished each week and try to bring you along with us. Wednesday nights will be for building updates and we'll save lighter stuff for the weekends.

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Esther's book: What Falls From the Sky: How I Disconnected From the Internet and Reconnected With the God Who Made the Clouds -- and everywhere books are sold.

Esther's mom's book: The Encyclopedia of Country Living

About the Mountain Dream Home:

Nearly two years in construction, seven years in the dreaming and preparing, we're celebrating progress on our off-grid dream home in the woods. We're an ordinary family of modern homesteaders, pursuing self-reliance and a life of learning skills. We're making a life for ourselves beyond the rat race and we're inviting you to come along!

Updates come out most Wednesday nights in the building season.


The music in this video:

Turning Clouds Into Mountains by Mr. and Mrs. Smith

All Good in the Wood and Crushin by Audionatix

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