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I do so many challenges and contests with Ice Cream, how come I haven't done Hot Fudge yet!!
Now I have..


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Grilled Cheese Overkill (7,350cals)

Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! 4 Loaded Grilled Cheeses, 2Lbs of Cheddar Pancakes, 10 Slices of Provolone/Cheddar, and a glass of water to wash it do...

Giant Bowl of Trix Cereal (5,000+ Calories)

Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! 5,000 Calories of Trix Cereal & Milk. Fast track to feeling like a kid again... and to diabetes.. Don't try this at ho...

125 Cupcake Challenge (12,083 Calories)

Video Sponsored By : Honey Join Honey for FREE at ---- Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! To be honest, I don't kn...

Jollibee Five (5) Bucket Fried Chicken Challenge

Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! Jollibee!!! Why tf is everyone hyped about Jollibee right now? Seriously, Jollibee has been around for awhile now... ...

Massive Cookie Bowl w/ Ice Cream (23,000+ Cals) | Matt Stonie

Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! Basically the best bowl of ice cream you'll ever see. Ever. Do not try this at home, the flipping of the bowl might s...

203 Chips Ahoy Challenge (12,800 Calories)

Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! 200 Chips Ahoy Cookies!! No, 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies! How fast can I consume roughly 13lbs of Cookies and Milk, well w...