How is a German town that survived World War II torn apart by shoes, yes shoes, just a few years later? This is the story of how two brothers would go on to change the world’s shoe game forever.


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Hollywood Call Center
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Rudolf Dassler
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Chicago Telephone Strike
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Detroit Arsenal
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Homicide case Haberthür 1949: final speech of lawyer Mastronardi
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Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - September 11, 20199
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Adolf Dassler
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WWII - DAF - Robert Ley 1944
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Bavarian Sports Award 2017
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René Hardy
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Edition du dimanche du 'New York Times'
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Midsection Of Craftsperson Making Shoe
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Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Day 13 - Athletics
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Dachau Nazi Prison Camp. (Photo by Davi
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Go To Bed You Bad Boy
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The Good Humor Man
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Blitzkrieg In Poland
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MONTAGE Hitler youth parading through the streets carrying swastika wreaths and flags - stock video
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MONTAGE US Army officers interrogating captured enemy officer in village during WWII European campaign / Germany
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MONTAGE Football tournament fund raiser for community center / United Kingdom - stock video
MONTAGE Football tournament fund raiser for community center / United Kingdom - stock video/Getty Images

B/W GRAINY slow motion close up businessman with hands handcuffed behind his back - stock video
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4K German Flag - Crisis / War / Fire (Loop)
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Silhouette of young man is running on stairs in park in daytime in summer, hurrying concept
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WWII, Aerial view of planes flying over Poland during Nazi invasion
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MS PAN Group of Nazi soldiers firing in small town
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Track and field events at 1936 Olympic games in Berlin
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A tombstone
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1935: Classic new black Plymouth car driving residential neighborhood.
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Boys from the Hitler Jugend and the Jeugdstorm play handball
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1946: FRANCE INTERNMENT CAMP: WS Internment camp for German Nazis, German prisoners marching w/ French officer. WS German prisoners standing outside of cells, French guards inspecting. MS German prisoners standing, French guards walking by. POW
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Union officials
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1914: WORLD WAR I: GERMAN INFANTRY: WS German soldiers marching. WS German officers standing. WS Troops marching. WS Officials, troops standing on field BG. WWI, invading Belgium
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The 1936 Olympics 1 -
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Paris Citizens Attacking Nazi Soldiers
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Jesse Owens wins several events at 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin
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Footwear industry
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NYC Supreme Court Stairs
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HD Super Slow-Mo: Shoemaker Fastening The Outsole
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retro movie background
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Soccer game between Santos of Brazil and Benfica of Portugal
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Timelapse zoom and track in to the face of an old clock going backwards, Putting the clock back. Going back in time.
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Nazi Germany invades Poland, Allies declare war
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1953 MONTAGE Soccer players playing in stadium / spectators in stands / Germany / AUDIO
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1930s German American Bund Party Nazi rally
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1915 MONTAGE B/W Invalids from WWI working as cobblers and sewing clothes and other goods in factory/ Russia
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NEWS CAPSULE CLEAN: David Beckham And James Bond Launch adidas Originals By Originals Line,Los Angeles,CA 9/30/09
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