Princess Kelly! The twins were BFFs, but as they started to get more competitive they began to argue and they both wanted to be the best twin. Ellie and Kelly both wanted to have the very best 13th Birthday party so they each started planning to outshine each other by having the better party. But who will have the best party? and will the twin princesses ever be friends again? Find Out!

Thanks so much for watching!
~Ellie xo

Music by Kevin MacLeod: Hidden Agenda, Dreamy Flashback, Rainbows, Fretless, Sneaky Snitch, The Builder, Furious Freak, The Lift, Constance, Sneaky Adventure, Scheming Weasel faster, Marty Gots a Plan, Hoedown, Brightly Fancy, Furious Freak, Pop Goes the Weasel, To the Ends, Disco Medusae, Der Keller Sting, Heartwarming, Cipher2
Music by Josh Woodward: Golden Sunrise, Airplane Mode

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