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I Tried to Sell My Hummer to CarMax

Here's what happened when I got my Hummer appraised at CarMax. (September 9, 2015)

Here's Why the Lamborghini Countach is Worth $300,000

GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer THANKS TO PERFORMANCE AUTO WHOLESALERS! http://www.performanceautows.com/ https://www.facebook.com/p...

The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive

GO READ MY COLUMN HERE: http://autotradr.co/Oversteer I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why. CH...

The Subaru BRAT: Everything You Need to Know

Here's a comprehensive look at the Subaru BRAT. (Doug DeMuro)

The 2011 Saab 9-5 Was the End of Saab

GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer SIGN UP FOR TURO! https://turo.com/c/dougd The 2010-2011 Saab 9-5 was the end of the line for Saab....

I Drove a 6-Wheel Drive Land Rover Fire Truck

I drove a 6-wheel drive Land Rover fire truck in Charleston, South Carolina, courtesy of Relic Imports: http://www.relicimports.com https://www.facebo...