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Welcome to JoshPYW,

Here at my channel you will find:

Pokemon Booster Openings: Ranging across all pokemon card sets I will be opening booster packs, booster boxes, tins and box sets. Also pack battles!

Yugioh Booster Openings: Same as Pokemon; booster pack, booster box, tins and box set openings

Pokemon related videos: Pokemon Go, Discussions, News, and more Pokemon videos.

Reactions: Watch me to react to TV shows such as The Walking Dead, to films and new trailers.

Deck Profiles: Whether Pokemon, Yugioh, Competitive or Character decks, it's all here.

Wrestling Videos: Whether tributes or top 10 moves, there will be plenty wrestling related videos on my channel

Giveaways: At every certain subscriber count I will do a giveaway, the prize will be pokemon card related and will be sent to one lucky winner.

Life Videos/Vlogs: Anywhere I go in general that can bring entertainment or excitement to Youtube I will film for you guys.

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