TRAILMAKERS IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Today we play some Multiplayer Trailmakers with the crew! Trailmakers is free THIS WEEKEND ONLY for multiplayer testing, and that's exactly what we are doing in this episode. Building vehicles, exploring a crazy new map, doing silly and amazing stunts, and more!

What else do you wanna see in future TrailMakers episodes? Comment below!

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About Trailmakers:

In the toughest motoring expedition in the universe, you and your friends will build your own vehicles to cross a dangerous wasteland. Explore, crash horribly, use your wits to build a better rig, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way.

Welcome to the Ultimate Expedition!

Journey over grueling mountains, hazardous swamps, and bone-dry deserts on a distant planet far from civilization - it is just you, your fellow adventurers and the amazing, jet-powered hover-buggy you built yourself.

Get lost, crash a vehicle, use your wits to build a better one, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way.

Trailmakers is about building awesome vehicles and contraptions. Everything you build is made from physical building blocks. All blocks have unique features like shape, weight, and functionality. They can be broken off, refitted and used to build new vehicles. Each block’s shape plays a role as wind and aerodynamics is an important part of the gameplay. The blocks are fairly simple but combined the possibilities are endless.

Learn more about the game on

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