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Top 20 Worst Comic Books

In this video we take a look at the all time worst comic books of all time. I hope you enjoy this video. Please comment and subscribe! Also, I errone...

The History Of The Marvel Vs DC Rivalry

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Injustice 2 - Full Story | Comicstorian

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Top 10 Characters Marvel Stole from DC

Don't forget to check out the mirror opposite of this video when it comes out on SATURDAY June 23 @ 6PM EST Top 10 Characters Marvel Stole from DC Sub...

Thor Becomes Unworthy of His Hammer (Original Sin: Full Story)

GET A ROB CORPS RING HERE! ▸ "Original Sin" is a 2014 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. The st...

10 Superheroes Who Look NOTHING Like The Comics (Wolverine, Deadpool and more!)

Here are 10 movie characters who look nothing like the comics! (Deadpool, Enchantress, Wolverine and more!) Subscribe to our channel :