Lego's simple block design lends itself to some awesome designs, but even though Lego bricks are easy to assemble, some people have taken creations to the extreme. In this video are 10 of the most complex and sophisticated Lego creations by master-builders from around the world.
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Rubik's Cube Robot:
Lego Car:
Great Ball Constraptions:

Loom Machines:
Jet Engine:
LEGO Orrery:
Airplane Factory:
Robotic Arm:

Here are the Top 10 Most Complicated & Complex Lego Creations Ever! Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot - Most of us find the Rubik’s cube to be a fiendish puzzle, but its solutions actually lie in algorithmic patterns. Life Size Lego Car Fuelled by Air - There have been several life size car models made out of Lego, but Romanian inventor Raul Oaidaand Australian investor Steve Sammartinowanted to make something better: a Lego car that you can actually drive. Full Scale (1:1) X-Wing Star Fighter - Who doesn’t have a Lego Star Wars X-Wing starfighter? Well, you definitely don’t have this one. Great Ball Contraptions - What you’re seeing here is a very complicated machine that does a very simple thing: it moves tiny balls. The machine is, of course, made entirely out of Lego. Loom Machines - People wove material by hand until the industrial revolution invented loom machines.

Replica Jet Engine - In 2012, Rolls-Royce commissioned professional Lego builders from Bright Bricks to help them with a project. Purifier - Lego can probably be used to make anything, including a replica flamethrower. But a working flamethrower? YouTuber ZaziNombies made a Lego version of the Purifier flamethrower from the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Earth and Sun - An orrery is a mechanical device modelling the relative positions of the planets and moons in our solar system. Lego Paper Airplane Factory - It’s really easy to make a paper plane, right? Anyone can do it? This machine takes that simple process and super-complicates things. Robotic Arm - Lego Mindstorms can be used to build some amazing robotic creations.

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