The sequel to the smash hit! Here are 5 clips of TheReportOfTheWeek, a.k.a. ReviewBrah, getting angry/frustrated/upset over food and/or restaurants. No, he never gets FURIOUS. But he comes pretty close!

Video 1:"Wendy's Dave's Single - Food Review"
Video 2: "Lofthouse Cookies ... Disappointment and Disgust"
Video 3: "Sonic Garlic Parmesan Dunked Chicken Sandwich - Food Review"

Video 4: "Failed Pulled Pork Cheeseburger Review, Shame On You Wendy's"
Video 5: "Popeyes Cheddar Biscuit Butterfly Shrimp - Food Review"

Music Credit:
"In the Hall of the Mountain King" & "Nerves" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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