Junior Toy Spies Addy and Maya are trapped in their rooms by the Toy Master! If they are unable to figure a way out, new toys will be removed from the shelves of toy stores across the country. Toy Spy Lucy can only help each of the kids one time, so they'll need to be careful asking for help. Will the silly kids solve the clues in order to escape? You'll have to watch to find out!

Music Credits:
In Light Discovered by Hale
Here Comes the Bad Guys by Hale
Move by OBOY
East West Stomp by Sounds Like Sander
Ravin' by Yung Koolade
Give by OBOY
Projector by Falls
Arena by OBOY
Moon Party by Hale
Extra Cheese Please by New Wave Sounds
Escape by OBOY
Round House by Cast of Characters
Go Go Robo Ranger by Matt Wigton

Lets Get Pumped by Caleb Harris
Wide Eyes by Alter Ego
Good Vibes by Album House
Right Now by Paper Planet
Whodunit Waltz by King Flamingo
Duchess of Doom by Hill
When I Found You by Matt Wigton
The Big Bowl by Hawksilver
Juggernaut by Matt Wigton
Get by OBOY
Freefall by Neon Beach
Swift Tuttle by Achille Richard
Wickedly by Falls
I Got Nothin' by Caleb Harris
Only the Wicked by Dresden the Flamingo
Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds
Hurdles by Caleb Harris
Sparkling Water by New Wave Sounds

Unicorn Slime Custom LOL Surprise Dolls #Hairgoals makeover Series 5 Lil Sister Family

Unicorn Slime Custom LOL Surprise Dolls - #Hairgoals makeover Series 5 Lil Sister Family

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