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Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster storm

Hurricane Florence expected to bring catastrophic flooding to the Southeast, with as much as 40 inches of rain in North Carolina alone. WATCH THE FUL...

Trying To Escape Hurricane Florence 2018

Hurricane Florence is no JOKE! While on a road trip with my friend we tried escaping the hurricane storm known as hurricane Florence that is hitting N...

Il Giappone terrorizzato dal piû violento tifone in 25 anni

Venti a 200 km orari, onde oceaniche alte come palazzi e un milione di persone evacuate… ALTRE INFORMAZIONI :

Hurricane Florence now a Category 1 storm, track shifting

The coast of North Carolina is getting whipped by hurricane-force winds from Florence and there is storm surge up to 10 feet. Subscribe to WXII on Yo...

Hurricane Florence's new path poses greater danger

Hurricane Florence is forecast to crawl up to the North Carolina coast and slowly turn left — a development that will be a “Mike Tyson punch to the Ca...

Dr. Rick Knabb Has An Update on Hurricane Florence

An important message from Dr. Rick Knabb on why it's critical to prepare for #Hurricane #Florence as its forecast to bring life-threatening storm surg...