There’s one day that all the students in the world collectively hate - The day you get your exam results. And there’s only one day that’s hated more than this day - The Day Before the exam results. Our parents have very high expectations, nosey aunties keep enquiring about our SSC hall ticket number and relatives keep reminding leaving us already stressed students even more nervous.
Join Suraj and Monty on this journey as they unravel this eventful and hated day.

Here’s a small quote from our Ex President Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.
“Some of the brightest minds of this country can be found on the last benches of the classroom.”

The Screen Patti wishes all you guys the best of luck for your results!

Creative Head: Amrit Raj Gupta
Written by: Jatin Birajdar, Sachin Singala
Directed by: Parikshit Joshi
DOP: Jerin Paul
Edited by: Shuchi Gupta
Production Design: Bharat Jain
Creative Producer: Shreyansh Pandey
Supervising Producer: Joshna Bhat
Chief Assistant Director: Jeet Malhotra
Costume Stylist: Reena Harpalani
Assistant Directors: Aakash Bhatnagar, Shlagha Gupta
Color Graded By: Shuchi Gupta
Graphics: Pritam Kumar, Ankit Bairagee, Anshuman Singh
Assistant DOP: Abhijeet Patil

Assistant Production Designer: Shruti Arvind Haldipur
Post Production Supervisor: Garvit Janshali
Content Strategy: Kshitiz Sudhakar, Olivier Thomas, Mrinal Pant
Sync Sound: Siddharth Kushwaha
Production Manager: Niharika Rathod
Production Executive: Dinesh Rawat
Head of Production: Arun Kumar
Head of Marketing: Vineet Kanabar
Marketing Team: Shaun Pais, Darshit Gada, Devashish Sharma, Shailendra Patil, Radhika Vijay
Finance: Manish Saini, Nikita Joshi
Legal: Megha Gupta
Office Admin: Avadhraj Yadav
Location: TVF Campus

Badriprasad Chavan, Khushbu Baid, Jasmeet singh Bhatia, Bhavini Soni, Chote Miyaan, Deepesh Jagdish, Sachin Negi, Nigah Mallya,

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