You know how you go over your friends house or yo cousins house and you need to take a shower, but their shower isn't a shower, its a mission from the Legend of Zelda...yea.

Famingosis - Down for the fifth time.

Basically how trying to stay neutral is.

When you tried to stay neutral in an argument that you're not even a part of. Music eevee - House of memories

Turning on an American Standard Tub/Shower combo

This fixture is quite nice! The tub has some stains but not bad.

Be careful chirren that's a lot of Iconic Vines (clean)

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People Who Prove You Can Always Be Dumber

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The homie never shares.

When the homie tryna be stingy with the food cause he knows you're broke and not gonna pay him back anyway. Music eevee - house of memories Parody A...

When you actually pay attention to those commercials

When you were just chillin at home, but an infomercial wanna come at your neck.