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Top best the voice kids 2017, Best Blind The Voice USA 2017
Best Got Tanlent 2017, best songs cover 2017.
Best Piano Street 2017.
best Violin street cover 2017, best songs cover 2017. best most supring 2017. top 10 shocking performance 2017.

The Voice Kids Top 10 Best Blind Auditions 2016 2017

The Voice kids WorldWide top 10 Best blind auditions 2016 -- 2017

Top 5 Best auditions of all time - The Voice USA (all seasons)

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Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World

BEST MUSIC EVER IN ONE PLACE - Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World. 1. Charly Luske (Voice of Holland) 2. Mithell Brunings (Voice of Hollan...

Teens Blind Auditions. SuperHits of the Voice US

Teenagers on The Voice. List below 1. Bryana Salaz - "Problem", 16 years old, season 7, 2014 2. Bria Kelly - "Steamroller Blues", 17 years old, season...

The Voice 2018 - Best Blind Auditions Worldwide 2018 YOU MUST TO SEE

Лучшие коэффициенты в сети! - 100% бонус на первый депозит Понравилось видео?? Не забудь про лайк и подпишись на канал! BEST...

TOP 10 Best Singer America's Got Talent ALL TIME

➤ SUBCRIBE Len Ken Channel: ➤ About Len Ken: The Compilation TV Show Worldwide: The Voice, Got Talent, X Factor, Idol...We bri...