all these vine comps and they never have my fav vines so i made my own

shout out to my fav viners:
Josh Kennedy/Ovalle
Lucas Ovalle
Justin J Russo
Casey Frey
chloe lmao
Victor Pope Jr
Evan Breen
not even emily
devon palmer
queen quen
Caleb City
Danny Gonzalez
Kenny Knox
Parker Kit Hill

patrick & adam perkins
Matt Post
Dan Curtin
Drew Gooden
its just luke
Tina Woods
Drew Phillips
Ben Cahn
Gabriel Gundacker
Cole Hersch
Matt King
Nick Colletti
Michael Qeliqi
Jus Reign
Zach Pinoa
Nick Mastodon (AND GAVIN)
Alex Ernst
Jay Versace
Valium Village

Funny Vines March 2018 (Part 2) TBT Vine compilation

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medium rare vines with a side of anxiety

spank me Yo can someone do the captions for ya boi?

vines that my friends and i quote too often

credit goes to all of the viners :D

2 hour vine compilation best of 2013 (+1500 vines)

i do not own any names items vines or the vine ideas in this compilation this is just for entertainment purposes