these are all my personal favs, the ones that kept me alive through all the hardships in life #swag // REST IN PEACE VINE 2013-2016
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vines that cured my cancer

credit goes to the owners of these videos And Y’ALL NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT BTS THOUGHHHHHH

vines that keep me up at night

RIP Vine. I miss you more and more everyday.

R.I.P. Vine - Compilation meilleurs vines de l'histoire

Voici le meilleur des vines francophones du moment, n’oubliez pas de lâcher un petit pouce bleu a vous abonner et a partager cette video ca me ferrait...

vines i quote on the daily

i know its a bit late since vine died many moons ago but this upload is honestly for my own enjoyment :) subscribe?

vines that keep me from ending it all

100 likes and 100 views and i will eat a fucking pepper :) my friend stop right there, i dont own the clips and music my fam