This tool restoration focused on the Rawlplug Mechanical Hammer. This tool is an early hand-cranked hammer drill from what I believe to be the 1950s based on components and design. The patent number on the body of the tool leads to this patent from 1932:

The restoration process was fairly straight forward, but the internals of the drill were peened together, forcing me to restore them all as one piece.

I decide to not paint all over the aluminum casting so the polished aluminum could shine. I don't like painting high wear areas so I also did not re-paint the chest plate black. The paint on the handle seems important enough to the original look of the tool that I did repaint that part.

I am still not 100% sure how someone could quickly change drill bits on this tool as they have a tapered end that gets hammered into a tapered spindle making it very hard to remove. I am sure there is a tool or trick to it, but I am not sure what that is yet!

In the end, the tool did do the job it was designed for, faster than by hand, but slower than a power drill.

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