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Gowdy: We can’t survive a DOJ your viewers don’t have confidence in

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and concerns about the credibility of the Dep...

Rep. Jordan presses Jeff Sessions to appoint special counsel

Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee questions the attorney general on Christopher Steele, the anti-Trump dossier and the Clinton campai...

Jeff Sessions HEATED response to Ron Wyden

On the Senate Intel Hearing Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a Heated response to Senator Ron Wyden, when he question him on the firing of James Co...

Allegations Mount Against Roy Moore; Trump Cozies Up to Putin: A Closer Look

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New court documents contradict Jeff Sessions' Russia testimony

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to face tough questions on Russia during an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Ses...