During his second visit to “The Real” couch, the R&B singer reminds the ladies what they’ve been missing. During a game of Tank Take-It-Off Trivia, the R&B singer shows a little skin. Watch!

Jeannie Is the Ultimate Picky Eater!

Picky eaters can be really annoying, but Jeannie insists there's a method to her madness. Find out in this clip why she's a picky eater and proud. Fi...

Tamar Gets a Kiss from Her #MCM, Nelly!

After playing a game of Spin the Heel, Nelly kisses two audience members before placing a peck on Tamar’s cheek. Check it out!

Rasheeda Frost Keeps It REAL on the Status of Her Marriage

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star opens up about her husband's infidelity, his possible love child, and her battle with postpartum depression.

Now That's a Handshake

"The Real" ladies and guest co-host Deon Cole chat it up about handshakes gone wrong, in this laugh-out-loud Girl Chat.

Marlon Wayans Plays ‘I Can Do That’

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Watch Your Mouth, Kelly Osbourne!

The feisty and fierce fashionista — known for dropping a curse word or two on TV — cleans up her act in a fun game of Watch Your Mouth!