KLai threw a dart at a map and SENT the parents somewhere! PARENTS threw a dart for KIDS & SENT THE KIDS somewhere! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dRpa1N Watch more: https://goo.gl/shsleN
I think the KIDS are not as excited about where they went as MOM & DAD were! You won't believe the silly things the kids did & the places MOm & DAD went!

Welcome to The Ohana Adventure, we post EVERYDAY!

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We are a crazy family of 8 from Hawaii; we believe in doing hard things, spontaneous adventures, laughing together, & trying new things and adventures in new lands!
Mom - Rachel
Dad - Jase
Klai 15
Rykel 13
Shae 12
Wyatt 10
Evelin 8
Cora 6

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THROWING a DART at a MAP & EATING where ever it LANDS!!

We threw a dart at a map and ATE where ever it landed! Who is going to LOVE this challenge and who is going to HATE this? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dR...

WHATEVER You DRAW, I'LL BUY IT! Challenge $$$

What will the kids draw? WILL MOM Really BUY whatever THEY DRAW? Who will get the MOST? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dRpa1N Watch more: https://goo.gl/s...

No Talking WHISPER Fast Food Challenge!! Last to Talk WINS!!

This Fast food WHISPER challenge is so funny! Can Mom or Dad guess the right FOODS to order DINNER?! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dRpa1N Watch more: htt...

WHICH kids had the BEST summer Vacation DAY?! LAST DAYS OF SUMMER

The kids are going different places, WHICH kid will have the BEST Summer vacation & accomplish the SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dR...

We're MOVING into an RV! House Swap for 24 hours in TINY HOUSE!

Our House is TOO big! TIME to move aGAIN! We are going to live in an RV for 24 hours..will we survive? Don't miss the JURGY'S in our BIG home: https:/...


Who will win $1000 and be the LAST ONE to GET CAUGHT!? Who has the best hiding spot? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dRpa1N Watch more: https://www.youtube...