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Switching Clothes with our Parents!!! We are going to our parents' closet and picking their clothes to wear for 3 days and we'll post pictures on PopJam for you to vote on! Karina will wear mom's dresses and shoes, and Ronald.... well, you'll have to watch to see what happened!

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DIY Bath Bomb Challenge! / AllAroundAudrey

Hey guys! In today's video my sister Jordan from JustJordan33 and I will be doing the DIY Bath Bomb Challenge! We give you a step-by-step tutorial on ...


We made the biggest fluffy slime! It is so stretchy and fun to play with! Subscribe for more funny videos! SIS vs BRO instagra...

3 MARKER CHALLENGE w/ our DAD!!! Part 2

Part 2 of 3 Marker Challenge with our Dad! We are only using 3 markers to color in the picture! Who do you think did the best? Karina? Ronald? or Dad?...

Chibi is in LOVE!!!!!

Our cat Chibi is coming home from cat hotel after spending there more than 2 weeks! Lets see if she still remembers us! The owner of the hotel told us...

Flying Over My Neighbour's House

I have the perfect play for today. I'm going to get The Card, but first I have to trick the neighbour. Let's go openning a bunch of doors and get the ...

24 Hours In Box Fort Arcade! Slime Making Challenge! / Justjordan33

I spend 24 hours in our family box fort arcade. If I win each mini arcade game I win an ingredient for my slime! Please Subscribe to be notified whe...