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Switching Clothes with our Parents!!! We are going to our parents' closet and picking their clothes to wear for 3 days and we'll post pictures on PopJam for you to vote on! Karina will wear mom's dresses and shoes, and Ronald.... well, you'll have to watch to see what happened!

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Our Cats Pick Our Slime Ingredients Challenge!!!

Our kittens pick our slime ingredients!!! This is a crazy challenge!! Comment down below who won the slime challenge! And leave a like for the cats fo...


Gummy vs Marshmallow Slime Challenge was super fun!!! We are making edible slime from real gummies and real marshmallows!!! Amazing!!! Which one do yo...

3 AM GHOST Takes Over our HOUSE!

3 am creepy ghost shows up at our house!!! My Dad's gaming channel is Freddy: ► My Brother's gaming channe...

Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!! part 2! SIS VS BRO Style with the Norris Nuts part 2

Part 2 of Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!! We are wearing each others clothes for one week!!!!!! This is the longest challenge we ever made! PART...

Who Knows Karina Better?!? DAD vs RONALD

Karina reveals secrets that Dad and Brother don't know! They go head to head to see who knows Karina better! Who do you think won? The looser has to ...

What's in the Box Challenge!!!!!

What's in the Box Challenge!!! It's not as easy as it looks!!! Please give us some name ideas for the cutest bunny ever!! If you haven't watched yet,...