Have you ever had the eerie feeling that you are reliving a past experience?

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I Animate My Sleep Paralysis Experience

Merry Christmas! Master procrastinator here with your Channukah present! Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the Halloween party? He had no BODY to danc...

What Would A Parallel Universe Even Be Like?

Our universe might seem huge, but what if this isn't the only universe? Let's explore the idea of a multiverse. Watch More: Are We Alone In The Uni...

Why Do You See A Bright Light During Near Death Experiences?

When people have a near death experience, some recall vivid images of bright lights or religious figures. Why does this happen? Watch More: Just How ...

What is Deja Vu and How it Happens - Interesting facts of Deja vu

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Could You Survive In These Extreme Conditions?

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