When Ellen Gets PISSED At Guests! *RUDE*

10. Wendy Williams
It’s hard to say whether Ellen really can’t stand Wendy Williams or if this is all just a case of friendly rivalry, but there’s some weird energy between the two talk show hosts.
The first time Wendy appeared on the Ellen Show, Ellen looked completely uninterested in what Wendy was saying and just kept nodding and saying “Mhm”.

It also looked like Ellen didn’t appreciate Wendy shading one of her favorite guests, Kim Kardashian.
Despite this awkward appearance, Ellen decided to invite Wendy back on her show in 2016. But this interview was even more painful to watch.
Wendy was excited to talk about her show being renewed for three more years, but Ellen didn’t look too happy about her colleague’s success.

And when Wendy later made a joke about Ellen looking like Justin Bieber, you could tell Ellen couldn’t wait for the interview to be over. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Wendy on the Ellen Show any time soon.
9. Audience member Nancy
But it’s not just celebrities who can make Ellen lose her temper - it’s her audience members too.
On one episode of her show, Ellen wanted to test how trustworthy her audience was so before the show started, she set up a stand with free Ellen merch and a sign instructing her audience to take just one of the products.
Of course, she didn’t tell the audience members that there was also a camera hidden above the stand. While most audience members followed Ellen’s rule and took only one product, one woman – Nancy - was filmed grabbing several items off the stand.

Ellen was so upset with the woman that she decided to teach her a lesson in front of everyone. But instead of kicking Nancy off the show, Ellen did something even more embarrassing and forced the red-faced woman to sit on a metal chair, away from other audience members.

8. Kanye West
Few celebrities are as polarizing as Kanye West. While his musical talent is undeniable, his political views and public outburst have caused a lot of fans to turn their backs on him.
The controversial rapper even managed to leave Ellen speechless during his 2016 appearance on the Ellen Show.
The interview got off to a good start, but then the whole mood changed when Kanye said he couldn’t remember Ellen and Portia sending him baby name ideas for his second child.

Kanye looked super uncomfortable talking about his family and only gave one-word answers to Ellen’s questions.
But things got even more awkward when Ellen asked Kanye about his controversial tweets and the rapper went on a full-blown rant.
You could tell by Ellen’s face that she immediately regretted her decision to invite Kanye to the show.
Kanye addressed the audience directly and totally ignored Ellen so all she could do was look on in silence. At the end of his rant, Kanye apologized for “the realness”, but Ellen looked pissed and she never invited him back on the show again.

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