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- ONEW (Jinki) : blonde hair, white mask [color: green]
- Minho : black cap, white mask [color: blue]
- Taemin : black hair, in the middle [color: yellow]

• intro song: Power - KEY (키)


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📌 shinee's first proper group live was still a mess:
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C H A O S ensues when BTS are left unattended (aka RUN BTS without yoongi)

⬇️ open for more info ⬇️ i tried to make this run ep. funnier than it was before, i hope i succeeded apparently this is what happens if bts are left...

SHINee moments that keeps me up at night part 1

I'll consider doing a part 2 if I have time because there are SO many other chaotic moments not included in this. :)

manager euisoo babysitting taemin for 12 minutes straight

this is my biggest and most time-consuming project so far, so i hope you guys enjoy watching it!! i'm apologizing for the low quality editing, but i'm...

SHINee is BACK and they're already regretting it

Watch the full LIVE here:

[#하이라이트#] Back To The 2008! 데뷔일로 돌아간 샤이니?!#샤이니의스타트업-빛돌기획 | SHINee Inc. EP.1 | tvN 210224 방송

#샤이니의스타트업 #빛돌기획 2월 24일 (수) 밤 11시 50분 tvN 방송 #샤이니 #샤이니컴백쇼 #빛돌기획

Taemin is SuperM's actual (fake) maknae

Taem can never shake his babyness. catch Taem, Mark, and Lucas in the pit fighting over who is the True Maknae of SuperM. if you notice any blurred o...