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Some playlists of my previous attempts of Vlogmas.

2016 - Didn't do vlogmas. Finished writing a book, Wilde Like Me (that turned out to be a Sunday Times Number One Best Seller) and was falling madly, wildly in love with a good man (who this Christmas I'm having a baby with), squishing Darcy and loving life. Glad that turned out well!!

2015- The last month of one of the hardest years of my life, coming to terms with being a single Mum, being entirely messed around by an American man who I thought loved me (but didn't), still trying to kid myself that I was OK and make a perfect Christmas for Darcy! YAY!

2014 - The vlogmas I was going through a total marriage breakdown but hadn't 'gone public' with it. Cool. Super fun.

2013 - The year I only managed 10 vlogs, despite not being sad or a broken woman! Weird!

I'm sensing that maybe vlogmas isn't for me! Saying that, I'm so glad I did them because watching tiny Darcy back, hearing her voice, reminding myself of her toddler mannerisms has been lovely. She is always the best part of any month.


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