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If I did this right then these are Amazon affiliate links to purchase a snatch block. (I have no idea what I'm doing)
$22 - black 8 ton - 5 stars -
$25 - red 8 ton -
$29 - orange 10 ton

We discussed Snatch Blocks on this episode of the No Dumb Questions podcast:

If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here:

Read Plutarch's account of Archimedes:

The wikipedia page on Block and Tackle is really good:

I thought this was a great video about why you should put blankets on your winch cable:

Chris Hadfield is a veteran Canadian Astronaut and a great friend of science. He engages the public often and is a great follow on twitter:
He can be contacted for speaking engagements here:


Jeremy Fielding has his own YouTube channel which you can enjoy here!

A special thank you to @MurkyWanders on Twitter for videoing the Atlantis exhibit for us.

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