There are 6 scenes in Wolf Song that got cut out, some of the scenes double over into a different part of the story though. I thought I should share these scenes as well for those interested!

All Wolf Song behind the scenes clips can be found here:

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Wings - 'episode' 1 //CANCELLED//

Oh gosh i didn't expect this to become so popular.. it's kinda scary :O this was for a school project originally, so its rather messy and rushed. Dawn...

*OLD DRAFT* ωσℓf ѕσиg ραят 7

Go here for full movie! Behind the scenes/old parts:

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Go here for full movie! Behind the scenes/old parts:

Happy Birthday ThunderKathryn

Yes..... I know..... ANOTHER AMV, but this time I only used clips from Wolf Song itself. I really like the way this came out and I'm very sorry if I c...