Updated for 8.1.5! All cinematics & cutscenes from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in chronological order! Lots of cool scenes, including the Battle for Lordaeron, Saurfang, Jaina, Bwonsamdi, Darkshore, Baine and scenes from the raid "Battle of Dazar'alor"! It's like a World of Warcraft movie!

00:00 - Old Soldier
06:12 - BFA Cinematic Trailer
10:30 - Siege of Lordaeron - Turn the Tide
11:51 - Throne Room Confrontation - Alliance
14:45 - Throne Room Confrontation - Horde
18:23 - Arrival to Zandalar
21:20 - Jaina's Nightmare
22:51 - Arrival to Kul Tiras
24:44 - Rastakhan's Deal with Bwonsamdi

27:37 - Realm of Torment
30:17 - The Threat within
32:24 - The Return of Hope
34:51 - Lost Honor
38:03 - Terror of Darkshore
40:49 - Battle of Dazar'alor - Alliance Attack
42:54 - Battle of Dazar'alor - Rastakhan's Defeat
45:12 - An Unexpected Reunion
47:57 - End

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